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Perfectly tailored

Our hosting accounts are carefully tailored and configured to cover all your needs, while they don’t suffocate the servers or underperform making sure you always get the last bit of performance available on our servers.

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Money-Back Guarantee

During the first week of your service, you can ask for a refund. That's how confident we are about our seedboxes.

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Plex everywhere

Stream all your media content to any device! ALL our plans come with support for a dedicated plex server for each user, with full admin access on it!

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Powerful Hardware

Unlike many of our competitors, we own our servers and network, utilizing the best hardware available, without sparing any expense for blazing fast server performance and network speed!

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Awesome VPN

Anonymize your traffic and connect from 10 different locations around the world. Using multiple devices simultaneously. Supporting multiple connection protocols. For FREE!

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Security in mind

The internet is a dangerous place! It is only natural that our product is made from the ground up with security in mind. Furthermore, we offer a complete bundle to protect your privacy and anonymity by including a complimentary VPN service, with features that compete with premium VPN services of other providers.

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Instant Setup

Get your own account in under 1 minute. Seriously!

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Awesome Support

Every box comes with monstrous support! An advanced and full featured knowledgebase along with a support ticketing system guarantees answers within minutes.

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