Seedbucket, the one-stop alternative for your day to day seedbox management!

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Seedbucket's features in a nutshell:

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One stop, everything you need

Switching between applications is over! Manage your seedbox through a single endpoint with a full-inclusive set of file & torrent management actions.

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Powerful dashboards

Nobody knows your needs better than you! Use your seedbucket to the max with powerful dashboards and fully customize it to cater your needs.

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Frictionless Torrent Management

Torrent management just got easy! Control and edit your torrents using all your storage options.

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Search like never before

Find anything through searching your entire content from your seedbox and cloud storages within seconds.

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Mobile friendly

Get your stuff everywhere and anytime with a single login to your seedbucket!

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Compeling UI

Choose your favorite seedbucket style among our theme selection!

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