Anonymize your traffic and protect your privacy, with our
- complimentary with all our seedboxes -
awesome VPN service

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Let us show our VPN service awesome features:

Feature 1 x3

100% Anonymity

Ensure your anonymity on the internet, protect your privacy and data by adding an extra encryption layer between your ISP and you.

Feature 2 x3

Multi platform service

Use the official or any 3rd party Wireguard client to connect to our service. It is available for any desktop or mobile OS, and available in many router OS aswell.

Feature 3 x3

Connect many devices simultaneously

Use awesome VPN service on up to 5 devices simultaneously based on your seedbox plan.

Feature 4 x3

The best encryption standards

Utilizing the "industry leading standard" Wireguard vpn protocol for all our VPN connections!

Feature 5 x3

Super easy setup

No support needed to setup your app! Do it within minutes in 3 simple steps: download the Wireguard app, install it and import the configuration file or scan it from your client area into your mobile device!

Feature 6 x3

Many available locations

8 countries (Netherlands, France, U.K., U.S., Canada, Singapore, Germany, Australia) and many servers around the world to choose from!

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